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     We offer classes for all genres of make up. You can choose a private class or enter into one of our group classes or create you own group class.  Courses will include:

1) Regular make up:

      Corrective make up ie: Plastic surgery with out the knife. Make up for photos, day and evening make up.

2) Basic Stage Make Up:

      Learning about Highlights and Countering, the difference between stage make up and street make up, how to apply and use Eyelashes to your advantage, and of course the Perfect Lips.

3) Character Make up Class:

    You will learn how to do ageing make up, Race, Animal, Fantasy and anything you would like to know different character make up.

4) Horror Make Up Class:

    In this class you will learn about special effect make up using a variety of special effect make up, like latex, 3-D gels, rig  college , become the zombie, burn victim, or anything out of a horror film.

5) Prosthetics class:

    How to prepare and apply prosthesis blending with skin and your make up applications to go with your look.

6) Wig Class:

     In this class you learn how to prep you hair, attach a wig so it never falls off.  Styling methods for different types of wigs, human hair or synthetic fiber wigs.  How to wash and care for your wigs, so they may last you for years of enjoyment.

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